A quick word about our Service Packages

A quick word about our Service Packages

There are few things in life more frustrating than paying for a service that you never use (unless it’s insurance of course, we all hope that we’ll never need to use that!)

For this reason, we offer a choice of three package options, rather originally called Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each Package offers the peace of mind provided by compliance requirements such as Bookkeeping, preparation for VAT Returns submission, End of Year Accounts Preparation, and Accountant Liaison.

Our Gold Package includes additional elements such as Monthly Profit & Loss Reports, Balance Sheet Reports and Historic Comparisons, as well Tax Liability Savings Recommendations, while our Platinum Package offers all of the above, plus full Financial Director Support.

The role of a part-time FD is not only to keep an eye on every aspect of company finance, but also to report at board level on Budgeting and Forecasting, Monthly Analysis of Balance Sheet and Performance against Targets. In addition, the wealth of experience that a good FD brings to the table means that you will receive accurate, and timely details such as Cash Flow Forecasting, and Costs Analysis.

You can read more about our part-time FD services here, where we go into a little more detail about the role, and how we can play an active, and proactive role in your business.

Each of our Packages are flexible, which means that as your business grows, we can adjust the level of support that we provide, and you will always be secure in the knowledge that you will never be paying for a service that you never use.

Of course, we also offer bespoke services, but when it comes to a value proposition, we believe that our Packages are just about the best option for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Please call for a chat about how Signpost Financials could be the right direction for your business to move in.