About Us

“When you have accurate financials at your fingertips, you can make decisions
about your business based on fact, rather than simply hoping for the best.”


Bridgit Winn-Taylor, Independent FD

The Signpost Team

We operate in an extremely competitive market, a professional environment where our services, whilst comprehensive and in our opinion, really rather splendid, could never be described as unique.

So why choose Signpost Financials?

Well, we believe that our strength as a team far outweighs our individual abilities, to put it simply, we bring out the best in one another, and by extension, our clients. Such is the ‘team spirit’ at Signpost, that as well as thoroughly enjoying ourselves at work, we also participate in activities outside the workplace.

This is not to suggest that we don’t take our responsibilities seriously, something that we absolutely do, but by knowing each other so well we find that ideas can be shared far more effectively, opinions can be more easily sought, and advice more freely given.

This understanding of our relative strengths and weaknesses makes us a better team, and it certainly helps when it comes to communicating with our clients. We all know our own business, but we share a genuine interest in finding out about our clients specific needs, how they want to receive information, and in how much detail.

We are approachable and easy to talk to, we don’t blind people with science, or go into ‘jargon overload’, we are normal, friendly people, the sort of people that our clients seem to like, and respond to.

Meet the team.

Bridgit Winn-Taylor

Managing Director

Building the team at Signpost Financials has been one of the most rewarding activities in my career, and I am proud of everything that we have achieved…so far. There is plenty more to come of course, as we develop the business and recruit even more exceptional talent to join us

Katherine Andrews

Senior Accounts Assistant & New Client Onboarding Specialist

Throughout my career I have always worked in Finance, with roles in businesses including insurance and advertising. I have also worked in practice, so I like to think that I have a wide base of knowledge, and experience. This experience has increased my understanding of how both small and larger

Mary-Fe Halsall

Account Manager

I have more than 20 years finance experience working in practice and industry and I am a Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians, the highest level of accreditation. Working in different industries has allowed me to broaden my technical knowledge in a number of ways, something that helps

Kathryn Sellen

Account Manager

I graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2013 with a BA (Hons) degree in Accounting with Finance and in 2014 I achieved my Masters in Banking and Finance from Kingston University. I have been member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) for a number of years, and

Glenica Gunnings

Accounts Assistant

I love Bookkeeping, in fact if you take a look at my LinkedIn profile I hope that you will see how much I enjoy my job as a bookkeeper. I am currently studying for my Association of Chartered Certified Accountancy (ACCA) qualifications and I like to think that I am

Edina Bergendi

Accounts Assistant

I qualified with a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Finance from Comenius University, Bratislava in 2018, I have been a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), since 2022, and I am Xero Certified. I think that there is something wonderful about studying for qualifications in a second language,

Kane Maynard

Junior Accounts Assistant

I came to Bookkeeping via a rather unusual route, having started my career as a graphic designer in a busy art department of an international corporate merchandise company. My work offered a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into a great many design processes and applications, delivering bespoke design work to

Melanie Hassey

Credit Controller & Virtual Assistant

I was lucky enough to find my perfect career right from leaving full-time education, and I have loved almost every minute of working in finance since starting as a Payroll Supervisor with Oxfordshire County Council in 1986. I have not had that many jobs since then, even though I have

Dora and Honey

No office is complete without well-behaved dogs, and this pair of scallywags bring life and energy to any room, at any time. They can be a wee bit excitable, but they very quickly settle down, and they are both big softies. If you are visiting the office, and have an

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