Is an Outsourced Finance Director the right move for your business?

Is an Outsourced Finance Director the right move for your business?

Perhaps we should begin our answer with another question…does your business actually need a Finance Director at all?

You will already have an accountant to prepare your annual accounts, tax returns, monthly reports, cash-flow analysis and all the other services associated with running a business. You might even have an in-house team handling invoices, bookkeeping, and the small matter of VAT, so why on earth do you need an FD?

Because a good Finance Director will focus their efforts and attention on analysing and improving the performance of every part of your business.

Company accountants are vital for compliance and bookkeepers make sure that they are provided with accurate information to work with, but now might be time to start thinking of this as the very minimum that your business requires?

A Finance Director will work closely with these fellow professionals and look at ways to identify opportunities, save you money, increase your profits and plan for growth, allowing strategies to be developed based on experience, and facts, rather than instinct and best-guesses.

So, why use an outsourced Financial Director?

An outsourced FD will offer effective, impartial financial management leadership at a senior level, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time board member, and they will be flexible enough to meet the needs of your business as it grows.

As with every other considered decision, we are on hand to make sure that you have all the information, and facts that you require, more information about our Outsourced FD service can be found on our website and of course, we are always here to answer any specific questions that you might have.

Great advice is always an investment, not a cost.