Why Signpost?

Why Signpost?

Throughout my career, it has been my privilege to provide professional financial advice to a great many businesses of all shapes and sizes, in just about every type of sector.

There are very few common denominators in the world of accountancy, which is why it is vital to consider every case individually, and getting to know my clients precise requirements is one of the many things that makes my job so fascinating, and certainly helps to keep me on my toes.

Every business is structured differently, and business owners have motivations that can change from consolidation to expansion, almost in the blink of an eye.

This is why, when I was thinking about names for my business, I chose Signpost.

It seemed obvious to me that I spend a great deal of time advising clients about their options, and the implications of taking a particular route, not just in the short and medium future, but long-term. ‘If you take this path, before long you will be faced with a decision, and if you go this way, you will have to consider this’.

The route to business success is very rarely a straight line, there are hazards to face, maybe the occasional risk to take, and you should always beware the potential dead end, or the short cut that can prove expensive.

I do not want to labour the metaphor, and I do hope that it doesn’t sound too trite, but in order to make the business journey as efficient and rewarding as possible, you really do need to keep an eye on the Signposts.